Uploading Videos to YouTube

Uploading Videos to YouTube


Job Description

This project consists of downloading around 1,000 videos from an FTP site and then uploading them one by one to YouTube with a description, link and keyword topics.


1) Download the speaker video files from an FTP site. The files are fairly small - sizes range from around 5mb to 15mb - there are a handful of around 30-50MB.

2) Editing needed: add an animated logo intro to each clip. We will provide the clip (7-10 seconds), you will just need to add it to the beginning of each video using simple editing software of your choice (iMovie, for instance).

3) Editing needed: also add a contact shot to the last video frame. We will provide the file as a .jpg to add to the last frame of each video. Here is an example video where an animated logo has been added to the beginning of the video and the contact screen has been added to the end (see the first few seconds of the video and the last frame which is a fade in of the contact info):

Again, we will provide the animated logo / video intro and the end contact screen shot.

4) Then upload into YouTube and:

a) Put a description with each file which can be obtained from the Speaking.com web site (we have this standardized so you can just copy and paste the paragraph description from each speaker's page).

b) Add the keywords, which can be copy and pasted from the speaker topics:
(IE: topics on: http://www.speaking.com/speakers/jon-gordon.php).

An example of the video content we'd like to see for each video on one of our existing videos:

5) The last step is entering the YouTube URL into an online database using a password protected form, IE: one line of data entry - copy and paste the YouTube URL and click "update".

Payment is per video since we don't know how many videos total. So we are estimating an overall project fee of $3,000 for 1,000 videos or $3 per video. It should take about 10-15 minutes per video on average.