Ongoing SysAdmin Support for Concrete5 on LAMP

Ongoing SysAdmin Support for Concrete5 on LAMP


Job Description

Looking for ongoing SysAdmin support for our Concrete5 CMS web site on LAMP. The site is Ongoing support would include duties such as:
• Making sure server is configured correctly
• Optimize server configuration regularly (check in once a month)
• Analyzing log files regularly for errors/anomalies (check in once a month)
• Perform SysAdmin projects on a case-by-case basis, such as:

- Create scripts to copy CMS files and database between servers
- Provide log file analysis apps to help us understand website content usage, 404 errors, etc.
- Implement new apps (such as dashboard demo and guided trial site)

Since our site uses the Concrete5 CMS, we are looking for someone to review our site settings and also to review the backend coding to ensure that both are optimized for each other. We will be adding new functionality to our site and would like for system admin support to proactively find and fix the issues causing the to avoid slow page load and crashes before going live. We would also like our overall page caching to be reviewed and optimized because our pages load very slowly.

If this is a successful project, additional work may be requested on a per project basis on future projects where we have changes to the server, such as redesigns, new site sections, etc. Our goal is to develop a long term working relationship with the successful applicant.

Only responses that meet these requirements will be considered:
· You must include links at the top of your response to public websites that you’ve administered on Concrete5.
· You must address each one of the Qualifications listed below.
· You must provide one or more references of successful clients.
· Hey, if you can’t follow these simple requests, why would we hire you to work on one of our most important projects?

Successfully optimized system administration configurations on Concrete5 sites.
Understands the concrete5 coding and framework standards.
Strong experience in LAMP system administration.
Strong experience in general website development including HTML, PHP, CSS, Jquery etc.
Prepared to work with existing code you didn’t write in order to fix or add new features.
Gets the work done on schedule with solid communication.
Checks and tests their own work thoroughly.
Candidate must qualify as a 1099 contractor.

Skills: analysis, administration