Javascript Developer

Javascript Developer


Job Description

Job Description
Applicant must be able to work from written document specifications, and give accurate estimations of project duration and costs. For all projects, applicant will be responsible for providing daily reports, as well as uploading all files to the Capital Digital Arts server. Projects must be completed to exact document specifications and delivered on time (preferably ahead of time). If there are any changes and/or issues, applicant must quickly communicate with the project manager. Upon completion of projects applicant must be on standby to make immediate changes given by quality assurance department.

- Portfolio
- Have proper development environments to develop code
- Skype Account
- Gmail Account (familiarity with Google Docs)
- Face to Face Interview (Skype, G+)
- Available for Daily Communication
- Must have 4 ½ Stars+ ranking
- Available to Communicate Between 6:00am - 11:00pm PST (UTC -7/-8)
- Consistent Internet Connection
- Provide Defined Working Hours

Applicants who accurately match description and meet all requirement will be given a small test to showcase skills. Based on test results, applicants will then be considered for contracting with Capital Digital Arts.

Include the Phrase “I only want to work in Win-Win Environments“ in the first line of your response to be considered for this project.

You also must fill out the form here for us to consider your application:

Thank you

Skills: gmail, test