Google PPC Adwords/Bing Professional

Google PPC Adwords/Bing Professional


Job Description

I am looking for a Google PPC Adwords/Bing Professional.

My company is in the "Legal Industry" and we generate leads (information) via the internet and sell this info to our clients. If you have experience with PPC and the legal industry that is big a plus.

We have been around the block with so called "PPC Experts" who are just looking for a "free ride" working on accounts once a week at best. This is not what we need and please do not reply if this is how you work!

With that said, we have been through a few companies in the last 4+ years because they claimed they were experts and if that were true, we would have kept 1 for the long term and we wouldn't be here now posting this ad :)

IF you are the right fit for our business, we are loyal and will continue with you for as long as you can deliver.

One if the companies we dealt with, the guy deleted a bunch of our ads which had history, quality score ect.. This set us back and we are looking for someone who will work on our account as if it were his own and help us get back or better than we were.

We have other industries we would like to start as well once we can get a handle on our current campaigns.

If you think this is the right fit for you, please email me your monthly management quote, along with testimonials form others who you help with ppc advertising.

I am putting 50,000 Down as budget because I have no idea what your monthly fee is, so please get back to me and let me know.


Skills: management, marketing, keyword-research

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