Ruby on Rails Developers (JQuery, CSS3) - Immediate Start Required.

Ruby on Rails Developers (JQuery, CSS3) - Immediate Start Required.


Job Description

I'm looking for Ruby on Rails developers to work on various Bitcoin related projects. You should good to excellent english. You will need to be able to start immediately and have at least 10 hours a week spare.

You will need to log your time with the odesk work diary.

You'll need great knowledge of the following

Rails (of course)

And familiarity with the following would also be good.

Twitter Bootstrap.

You will be given a range of projects to work on from JQuery based animations to bitcoin wallets.

For an interview I'll be asking the following questions, so you'll need to be sure you can answer them.

1. Why is it not possible to load content from another domian with jQuery.ajax(). How can you get around that ?
2. In Ruby what are class variables? How do you define them?
3. How do I center block-elements with CSS ?
4. How do I join 2 tables in SQL. ?
5. Tell me about a web based project you are most proud of.