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iOS Code


Job Description

Xcode, iOS 5 with ARC, GitHub

Develop a prototype of a iOS Custom Menu. The Menu is triggered by a button press. The Menu Class takes in parameters of width, height, x, and y. The Menu Class contains 2 UIImages within its orders. 1 UIImage is static. The 2nd UIImage is draggable. If the 2nd UIImage is dragged to the border of the Menu, an animation is triggered where UIImage "bounces" back, the goal is not allow the UI Image to be dragged from the Menu. Refer to this animation, When the 2nd UIImage touches the 1st UIImage, a 3rd UIImage appears at the touch location.

Also, I need a border around the 3rd UIImage. It can not be a simple border around a box like a photo via UIImageView. It needs to be around the image itself via CALayer. Let know if you can do this... like this...