App for Car rental company

App for Car rental company


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This is a repost: The criteria have changed.

My client, a car hire company, wants an app to run on a tablet (Galaxy or IOS).

The purpose of the app is to record visible damage on vehicles prior to leasing their vehicles to their clients. This record is then used to asses any additional damage when the vehicles are returned.

Currently they use a paper based system.

The paper based system works as follows. They have a preprinted pad with a diagram of the outline of a car. The car hire consultant does a visual inspection of the outside of the car in the presence of the client and marks and areas of damage with a cross. Typical damage would be minor dents, scratches or hail damage. The client verifies the damage and signs the paper to agree to the damage.

When the car is returned the car hire consultant looks at the damage on the car and compares it to his or her notes made when the car was hired out.

If there is additional damage then the client gets billed for it.

My client wants to turn this into an electronic process.

I was thinking that the app could have a visual record of the damaged areas by means of photos taken of the car.

The client needs some digital manner to sign it off.

There needs to be some way of sharing this information between devices.

Much like the Evernote App works with a shared notebook.

I can provide a copy of the diagram currently used.

My client rejected a development proposal which they deemed as too expensive.

Please send me some links to apps you have developed, someideas on how this could be achieved, your email address so that I can send you the diagram. A broad estimate of time/costs.


Skills: pdf, application-design, wireless

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