Listing on Eaffordablegoods, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Social Networking Sites

Listing on Eaffordablegoods, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Social Networking Sites


Job Description

Your responsibility will ONLY be to access our data base to get the inventory list and then post on to eBay,, Craiglist, and amazon. In addition you will answer emails, be a virtual assistant, perform Data Entry, create excel spreadsheets and Invoices, Process payments, manage accounts, and perform customer service duties.

You will have access to Google Docs, Inventory management software or server to access all of the inventory to be posted online.

The best way to post it is to get item name and model no. provided by us in the spreadsheet or listing. search online, copy the description, copy picture and paste it on all the websites I mentioned above. Add condition of the item which will be provided to you from the inventory list such as open box, Like new, missing or complete or brand new etc.

Web Designing is a plus. Skills Required HTML, -, CSS, -Flash, -, Javascript, Adobe, Photoshop, internet marketing. Email Marketing, Social networking Marketing. We have many domains for our other businesses to be created and setup.

You can take a look at our inventory pics on Facebook, Twitter. Affordable Goods Sacramento California. and

See attached manifest of 7285 items that needs to be posted on all sites. Every Manifest inventory list you will get every 2-3 days will have at least 500+ items which means you will be very busy listing 1000's of items every week.

For example, you have 500 items to list multiply it by sites you will be listing on. 500 items x Ebay, Amazon,, Craiglist, Facebook, few other sites = 3500 items. This is just one Inventory list. We get 12-18 lists per week, 60 lists per month, 30000 items. Just to say its only 500 items. Every list is different anywhere from 500 items to 8000 items per list.

We have been selling online for 16 years and will continue to do so for many more years. If you think you have what it takes to get this job done then this is your opportunity to thrive and make it big.

Please Minimum 1 years of experience in similar online sales and marketing. Only Experienced People should Apply for this job. Speed and accuracy is a key for this job.

We prefer to pay flat rate for minimum and maximum work. Also first 2 weeks would be a trial period and do not expect a high salary or hourly rate. We need long term workers so if you are interested in working full time then you should not have any problems showing us what can you do in that 2 week trial. Once we are convinced that you are the person for this job, we will give you a reasonable salary with bonuses and incentives.

We will also sponsor 4 extra ordinary people who are talented and have great experience to come to our USA location or give away vacation package anywhere in the world. All expenses paid by the company.

Good Luck and see you soon as a part of our great team. (subscribe with you email for great deals and get great savings).

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