Designer *** Needed ***

Designer *** Needed ***


Job Description

You will Design a Web interface to easily use for anyone. We want to have a hosting service for Minecraft. We need a web designer that is willing to work and help us out for FREE. I'm very sorry for not paying you, just cant afford it right now. If you are willing to work for FREE and for about less then 10hrs for your precious time please contact us. We do have lots more info to tell you, We are just keeping everything secret until we launch our project.

What we really need

- A basic Website to have customers gather info about the server and costs.
- A little Logo for advertising.
- A Movie Trailer thats about 3 mins and less.

If you are wiling to support us for FREE of time, we would really appreciate you.

Thank you.

Ok.. I guess you will get $5.00 for finishing the project. If cost does affect you, then please contact us to figure out the best cheapest pay.

We are a great first project that will give you the experience, hours, and testimony to our behalf. If you are looking for people that needs projects done and you're willing to help at cheap costs to gain your projects a boost of encouragements. We are your next project.

Skills: web-services