Social Networking APIs Project in Java

Social Networking APIs Project in Java


Job Description


We need to develop an application for Social Networking.

For this we need some experts in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ etc.

We need the experts in Rest APIs to develop the application in Java.

The user interface will be developed by us. We need an expert in these APIs who can develop the code in Java and we will then integrate it in our program.

Below is our requirement in brief:

We need an application that will post the messages on Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.

The user's token will be stored in our database.

The most important thing to note is that the user will authenticate himself with the social networking sites at the time of registration on our website.

Now there will be an interface where the user can specify which messages are to be sent and at what frequency like Daily, Weekly etc.

These messages will then be sent from the server using Java Code and at that time there will be no interaction of the user or browser.

The idea is to make a website through which the user will send the Advertisements posts repeatedly. And these posts are to be sent through the back end server automatically without user's interaction.

Skills: facebook, linkedin, twitter