Unbrick router (board RN502J) and install opensource firmware (openwrt or dd-wrt)

Unbrick router (board RN502J) and install opensource firmware (openwrt or dd-wrt)


Job Description

I have a wifi/3g router from ebay, which is bricked.
Original firmware was buggy, and supplier sent an update that was totally wrong and bricked my router.

Router has board RN502J

After researching on net, I found it can be unbricked and updated to either OpenWRT or DD-WRT.

This is the model:
OpenWRT - http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/widemac/sl-r7205#switch.ports.for.vlans
DD-WRT - http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Devices#Aceex

The router does not work (does not allow access to admin page, does not provide IP to client through DHCP), but is not totally dead.

I tried 30/30/03 unbricking method, but didn't worked. Still while doing it, after cca 30 sec, WLAN led turns from on to off of vs.

Anyway, the router still does the following:
- after turning on, it still has got its own internal IP ( and if I connect pc to router with cable to LAN ports 1 - 4, and manually assign correct IP address to lan card in pc (e.g. IP / mask, router responds to PING.

I tried to update with tftp over ip, but didn't worked (but I might have did something wrong).

However, because I don't have experience with this, I wasn't able to unbrick it.

IMO, it seems the tftp is the way to go, but on OpenWRT page it seems I have to connect with serial for tftp (see page http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/widemac/sl-r7205#switch.ports.for.vlans, section OEM installation using the TFTP method )

The router has serial header on mainboard, and I have usb to serial adapter for laptop, and I can solder a small connector to plug into serial header to connect to usb->serial adapter (if needed)

Unfortunately I cannot pay too much on this (a new device costs 30$ ), but it seems like a cool piece of technology, and I'd fill sorry to just throw it away.

So I'm looking for someone passionate for this kind of stuff that isn't afraid to experiment. Work needs to be done remotely (over TeamViewer) since I cannot send the router (shipping cost will be too high)