Mobile Optimize Our Online Marketing & Management Tool

Mobile Optimize Our Online Marketing & Management Tool


Job Description


Our company is called "YourPortalOnline" and we have a Marketing & Management Tool for Bars and Nightclubs. ->

How does it work?

We have many different "modules" that we embed directly into their current website so that it fits seamlessly with the same design, layout, colors, logos, etc. These "modules" allow the venues to do online booking, online sales, display events and specials, and much more which is very valuable to them. They can login with a username and password and manage their entire website updates without ever needing a web/IT person anymore after we link our modules up.

Because we "embed" our tools into their website we do a lot of web design when we sign up a NEW client. Many times we will work with their current website frame and simply try to make updates by embedding our modules in so that it matches their current scheme. But most of the time we are trying to sell them on a BRAND NEW MOBILE RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS website from us where we can build it from the beginning. This allows us to produce a much better overall solution for them. We have been building more and more of these new mobile responsive websites and this is the future of our business.

What do we need??

We need someone who can go through all of our pages and make them mobile responsive for us. Please see this demo page that displays all of the tools we offer on ONE PAGE and click around to see all of the sub pages. Basically anything that you can click on or click through we will make sure it's mobile responsive -->

You will see that once we "embed" our tools into a mobile responsive website it looks like this -> You'll notice the entire site is mobile responsive except for our tools "Parties & Events" and "Tickets & Store". Here is another example of a website we built but when you click on our tools they aren't responsive either ->

So basically we just need to make sure this page and all its sub pages are mobile optimized. Once we have that frame built we can simply re-skin it with new logos, colors, and fonts and offer it to all of our clients and their web pages ->

We are willing to p

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