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Web developer


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Web Developer
Our company is currently trying to develop an online network site very similar to LinkedIn.
We have most designs completed, but we are in need of someone to work with our graphic designer and put the website together: including front-end (html, css, javascript, etc) and back-end (php, mysql).

Some of the items needed to be programmed are:
- Profile page
- Home page
- Interactive items
- Search capabilities
- Instant messaging (inbox + mail/messages)
- Areas for advertisement

We are flexible regarding the tools/programming languages you can use but php + mysql
is preferred.

Please include the following if you apply for this project:
1. Estimated cost and timing for the completion of the project (take as an example a website similar to http://www.linkedin.com).
2. Number of people working on the project.
3. Specify as much as you can the techniques used to develop the website.
4. Your preferred programming languages/tools to finish this project.
5. Any additional information that you might find adequate to include.

Companies are also welcome to apply.

We are planning to start developing this project at the beginning of February 2013, thus we need candidates to apply ASAP.