Accounting expert needed

Accounting expert needed


Job Description

Need accounting experts fpor immediate hire.

Here are the instructions :

(1) A current issue regarding IFRS implementation and how it relates to his/her organization.


(2) A specific managerial accounting issue (such as ABC) and how it relates to his/her

You may use the articles that we read in each unit as a starting point, but it is expected that youwould find at least 5 more articles which we have not read in class as support for your paper.

Articles must be from a credible source.


All papers should be at least 5 pages in length, not to exceed 7 pages (not including title pageand reference list). Use Times New Roman 12 point font,
with one-inch margins. Papersshould be completed using APA Citation Style. (visit the Purdue OWL for APA Style: http://