PDF form.

PDF form.


Job Description

The form must be something that we can edit the content as needed to be added or deleted. The area's where the customer selects their flavors and toppings should be easy for them to click a box as their choices next to each flavor and topping as well as SIZE Med or Large etc.

this is the idea. the top section is where we will list current flavors with a thumbnail photo ( see how this page has the thumbnail and the nail next to it http://thehoneyhillfarms.com/customblendz , not the cart part just to show how the thimnail looks with the description)

Lower sections we will list the flavors and toppings so that people can "CHECK MARK" a box next to the Flavors and Toppings they want for each order along with the SIZE and Quantity for each Cup Ordered.

Bottom will be a contact info section

The form should have the option to be able to Email or Print their page.

Our logo to be on the header and watermarked on the page so that no one can copy and re-use our page.

Attached is a rough layout of the page to use as a guide

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