MMO Data Capture

MMO Data Capture


Job Description

Hello Contractors

I am looking for a contractor that can create a Database that will be used for online gaming. The Database will store data collected from a Client regarding items, armor, weapons, locations, etc... about a game.

First, I have a message of warning. I have tried to open this job 2 times already and I am getting frustrated with all of the people that apply but know nothing about what I need. So let me be crystal clear here:

Visit this website:

This is a gaming website based on the MMORPG called, "World of Warcraft".

This website contains information on items, quests, armor, weapons, creatures, etc... in the game.

This is very very similar to a Wiki. However, instead of a Wiki this website uses a Database and a Client. The player can run the client while they play the game. The data is sent to the client and when the player is done, they can upload the data from the client to the website database. This creates an automated source of information for keeping the database current and updated with the latest changes in the game.

What I need from you is for you to basically figure out how this entire process works. I need you to figure out how they created this database, how they created the client used to upload information to the database, and I need you to be able to reproduce this so that my website can function in the same manner.

If you believe you can handle this task then please apply to this job. In your cover letter, explain to us "How you believe this database was created" and "how you can reproduce the functionality of this website".

If you do not include this information in your cover letter, you will be rejected immediately for failure to follow Job Posting Instructions. Only people that respond with the correct cover letter will be considered for hire. DO NOT tell me about how you are an expert in Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, or how many websites you designed. Those do not matter in this job. I want to know "How you believe the database of was ceated and how you would intend to create such a system on my own website". That is all.