WordPress GravityForm Add-on

WordPress GravityForm Add-on


Job Description

You will write a clean plug-in for GravityForms 1.7+ that will allow a field to be inserted which takes the total of purchase/donation and will update the WordPress Database for tracking total amount given to specific item.

The Add-On will allow the option to have the field be hidden, and will list current "projects" or add a new one. These "projects" will have running totals of how much was purchased/donated towards that project. It will be updated live and have the ability to be fetched and displayed in a meter (separate project).

To clarify, the add-on must:

- Work with the GravityForm interface (should show up in the right side of the GF builder, then I can just click on the "Meter/Tracker" and it will pop up like usual)

- Allow ability to be hidden (So the person donating cannot see this field)

- Allow naming what the project is that the GravityForm is being built for (i.e., new shoes, new house, or airplane tickets)

- Post "Total" data to a WPDB value (meaning when someone gives $10 toward shoes, the DB adds $10 to the value for shoes. If they give $30 to airplane tickets, when the for is submitted, it adds $30 to the value)

- List all current projects or create a new one. (This allows the person building the form to say, This is our third form for shoes -or- I want to make a new form for New Car.)

A working add-on means when the form is submitted, the chosen project value ($10 for shoes) will increase by whatever the donation is. You can use the TOTAL field as the amount.

So if I have $2,000 in donations for New House and someone fills out the form and wants to donate $50 towards the New House, when submitted successfully, the value stored in the WPDB will update to $2,050.

A future project will allow me to display how much we have received for that project on our website.

**Do not apply if you are confused. Ask for clarification.**