Ebay Expert

Ebay Expert


Job Description

We are in need of a professional ebay expert. Must have previous knowledge and examples of stores setup.

We have a large database of products that we'd like to sell on ebay. We need someone to outline the process, explain fees, make recommendations for adding the products.

This is for someone who knows ebay and the ebay store like the back of their hand. Knowledge of ebay api's a plus but not a requirement.

If you qualify for this job and believe you can help add to our team, please include the words "eBay asks me for advice" at the top of your cover letter.


Questions for you:

1. Tell us about your last job. What were your duties and responsibilities?
2. How long have you been working on ebay? Provide sample of your work.
3. What separates yourself from your peers? Why should we hire you?
4. Rate your communication skills.
5. How fast is your internet connection where you work? And does Skype support video calls where you are?
6. What do you consider your strong points?
7. What do you consider your weak points?
8. What Questions do you have for me?

Skills: ebay, video