Yahoo Japan Auctions Creation and Maintenance

Yahoo Japan Auctions Creation and Maintenance


Job Description

We need someone to sell our products trough a Yahoo Japan auction site listing roughly 40 items. You will answer any buyer questions and coordinate order fulfillment with us. I do not speak Japanese. You MUST BE FLUENT IN JAPANESE. Should require roughly 10 hours of work or less per month after initial setup.

You must have, or be able to set up 1) a japanese bank account to accept payment, and (2) a paypal and Yahoo Japan Auction ID.

You will bid on a flat maintenance rate for one months work 10 hours.

You will receive 30% of our net profit as commission less what you are paid in flat rate.

ie: Monthly rate $100. Total sales $10,000. Gross profit $4000. Less yahoo, bank, paypal fees = $3700 net profit. Your commission would be $1110 less $100 already paid as monthly rate.

Skills: yahoo, paypal

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