Job Description

I need someone to repair I was told it had CSS issues as all it is doing is displaying the header, then the next header with the existing header and so on. This was displaying product and text but poor support caused this issue.

The site is running on a LAMP platform, Linux Apache MySQL PHP hosted by GoDaddy. The ideal candidate must have a GoDaddy account and know how to use login to their account to manage another account.

I will be looking for someone who can repair the problem now but if that person has all of the needed qualifications then I would like them to stay on with a Maximum of 10 hours a week. I will be price aware as I cannot afford much as this is still a start-up business.

I am looking for someone who can optimize the site as Bing has been reporting errors for months and Google cannot detect when someone gets to the shopping cart. Someone who understands on page SEO would be the ideal long term candidate but these needs are not required in the short term.

I also have another site on this server with a lot of pictures in a lot of folders that I would like to have thumb nails and an easy way to navigate plus I need to create an new business site that will be very basic.