TheSaleList Project

TheSaleList Project


Job Description

The information below needs to be added to our website, the website is very similar to the popular website Currently we are developing the Chicago Location. Once the Chicago location ( is fully developed we will create copies for other cities.

~~update Mobile theme to match website ~~
The website has its own mobile theme. We need the mobile theme to have the same fields as the website. The following must be added/changed to match the website.
Add the keyword box (users can enter up two keywords that describe their listing separated by commas) this field is mandatory. This field must also be very similar to the field on the website. A blue box must appear around the keyword.
Remove Country
Change the name of region to City/Suburb
Remove city
Remove City Area
Remove address

~~Pictures loading bar~~
you will create a loading bar for when users upload pictures. The loading bar will show the progress of the picture being uploaded.

~~ Move the $ sign to the other side on website and mobile theme~
Right now the $ is displayed like this
Move it to $5000

~~ Expiration of ads~~
I would like the listings to have expiration dates this should be controlled on the backend of the website . After 10 days from the postdate the listings should expire. And I would like some of the features below to be added. These features are very similar to
Users can Mark Items as expired in the dashboard in a user's "My Account" section (once they have actually expired)
Allow users to re-publish an item after it has expired.
Allow users to remove a listing (without deleting it) after their item sells
Deleted listing will remain in the users profile page

~~ Profile fix ~~
After creating an account on click my account at the top click than click profile. I Need the following changed in the profile section
Delete country
Change region to City/Suburb
Delete City
Delete City Area

~~Zip Code Search improvement~~
The purpose of the zip code improvement is to sort listings by distance more accurately. I would like for you to fix the current zip code search on the website. The database needs to be updated so the search is more accurate. Please see the example below for more information.
Enter a zip code for example 60630. You will see the listings rearrange, the first one is the one nearest to the zip code 60630 and the last listing is the one furthest from the zip code.

~~Create ISBN Search on Textbooks Section only ~~
Create a search on the textbooks section of the website that will search the ISBN number of a book.

~~FIX picture issue~~
The problem we are having is when a picture is clicked on the picture opens in a new window. I would like for the picture to open in the same window. If there are multiple pictures in the listing, the user should have arrow keys to navigate through pictures.

~~Editing issue with keywords field~~
you will notice the keywords field disappears once you edit your listing. You will need to fix this issue.
Plugin Install
plugins can be found in the backend of the website. They are very easy to install you just have to copy and paste php code.
Install Watchlist plugin
Install List seller items plugin

~~Creating copies of the website~~
All changes will be made to once I have approved the copy of chicago.TheSaleList you will create copies for each major city on the homepage. Each major city will have its own sub domain name there are around 420 cities. Exactly like how is setup.

~~IP Address detect~~
I would like you to make a script which detects the IP-address of a user and redirects them to the appropriate city location. It must be %100 accurate