SEO Expert - Manager for our New Website to Increase Ranking and Traffic Acquisition

SEO Expert - Manager for our New Website to Increase Ranking and Traffic Acquisition


Job Description

Looking for long term SM partner to grow with the company. Increased pay and bonus's and commissions to be expected with solid performance.

I will put together a check list of required tasks to do each week or month and please see attachment for some initial ideas. Please submit what your strengths are and what you can do to build our BLOW Hookah new website along with our other 10 sites to be and stay at #1 on Google. We are the first Electronic Hookah to hit the market in an untouched industry so being #1 on Google will be very easy. We even own . I'm looking for several workers who can work together efficiently to accomplish all the tasks necessary.

One more thing to note.. Electronic Hookah will be easy to get ranked #1 even from day one but we also sell a whole product line of vaporizers.. Tobacco E-liquid, Dry Herb which some use for medical marijuana, Thc Wax, Hookah E-Liquid. I might hire a seperate worker for just blogging and article spinning but if my SEO worker wants to take on this task that is a bonus which means you will have to learn this competitive industry and be creative to come up with fresh organic content to boost rankings and drive more traffic..We can supply samples so you understand the products and can show you many competitors You Tube video's to get you educated on the industry quickly along with us giving you a long list of why our products are the best in the industry.. Please do some homework and see if this is an industry you wish to become an expert in.

Please send your resume and let us know why you would be good for this position and what you feel you can accomplish full time as a long term employee to help grow with us. List the tasks you feel will be best and most important for us to start with SEO. I want an expert that can tell me what is the most important tasks as opposed to me just giving orders. After all you are the expert. How many years doing SEO? Give some Examples.

The site is only 25% done but will be finished in a week’s time. You can get familiar with our products under the drop down for products.

Our Social Media pages are new and don't have legit organic followers but at least they will have a better perception for launch. This position is more focused on website SEO as I'm hiring several SM workers as well.

One campaign we want to do is offering FREE VITAMIN SMOKE E-Liquid.. Retail value is $15 but giving for free should help drive a ton of traffic.. We all ready are going to be selling to 100's of retail shops and each package has the free offer..

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Skills: facebook, twitter, pinterest, video

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