WE BUY DATABASES; and I need niche/specific types of databases!

WE BUY DATABASES; and I need niche/specific types of databases!


Job Description

Let me be very specific as to what I am looking for, and you tell me what you have to offer that you think is the best fit OR if think you can get me exactly what I'm asking for.
I am looking for Timeshare owners OR Entrepreneurs/people interested in buying a business/franchise, i'll buy any sort of database, acquired in any way.

So CURRENT timeshare owners (purchased timeshare within the past 12 months) OR Entrepreneurs/People who want to buy a business/Franchise OR people with a net work of 200,000 (650 credit score and at least 20K in liquid assets). I need large, large databases.
Think outside the box as far as the database of people interested in starting/buying a business; you may already have a company database that could work. Or can get one.

Timeshare owners database is worth the most to me, so if you want to pick ONE, do that one. I need a minimum of name, phone number, address. Anything extra is appreciated as well.
I can pay in any method/manner you want. I can pay per record, or I can pay for a job (database). I have a large budget, but can get scraped web crap myself all day long. I'm looking for someone who can use special methods/tactics/is just in the right job/right time to acquire these records/databases. Or for someone who just happens to have an inside hold on a useful database. Offering anywhere from $50-$10,0000. I can pay per set of records delivered, or all in one lump sum.

I love samples, but I realize that isn't always available; at least give me a vague idea of how/what/when when contacting me. Don't send me a "we can do this job for you" and expect a response.

Contact us at j0hn7@anonymousspeech.com