Crazy Graphics Whiz Wanted

Crazy Graphics Whiz Wanted


Job Description

I need a talented graphics designer to create a group of female characters (full body) for a DressUp -style game (i.e. where players dress a character up with different clothes, makeup, accessories, etc.)


1) There are 5 Characters to be created, based on ethnicity :
(a) Caucasian (Angelina Jolie)
(b) Negro (Beyonce)
(c) Hispanic (Jennifer Lopez)
(d) Oriental ( Gong Li)
(e) Indian ( Aishwarya Rai)

2) The graphics style I need is semi-realistic, eg.

3) The game characters will have some basic body movements, so the required frames for a few basic poses is needed. (Watch this to understand what I mean :

4)This project should be completed in 1 week, or earlier if possible!

5) Applicants will be expected to be reachable via Skype chat during the duration of the project for discussions/instructions.

6) Applicants should be able to communicate in fluent English (Important!)

Please reply with RELEVANT examples of your previous work (bearing in mind the graphics style that I specified above), including any links/URLS to websites where your work is featured.
If I like your previous work, then I’ll reply and give you more details. Also, and this is very important: When you reply, please start by typing the code word ‘Lychee’.
This way I’ll know that you took the time to read the entire job description, instead of just replying to all new job postings like many people do!

* Only designers who take PRIDE in their work and make polished-looking graphics need apply.

** If I find that you are a dependable and responsible worker who produces good work, I will very likely engage you again for future projects, and perhaps even offer you a permanent position in the company.

Although I specified this as an hourly job, I would much rather prefer to agree on a fixed price. So please give me a quote based on my requirements when you apply.


Skills: caricature-art