Need an experienced ASP .net and SQL Developer

Need an experienced ASP .net and SQL Developer


Job Description


I have a .net website that has a small issue when uploading a picture from the cms.

When uploading the image I'm getting

Error :
An error occurred while updating the records .
File upload error : Upload Failed

I need the fix on 2 sites as we have 2 sites that use the same files and have the same issue.

I will only take some one that has passed tests in .net and asp and can prove they can fix the error. I have had 2 experienced coders look at this job and both have failed to find and fix the issue as the code is complex. I wont take people on that cant show the skills needed to complete this task successfully

Once you have seen the issue i will ask you how much you think it will cost in total to complete.

I will need the error fixing today

also we are getting the following error

Translation for PU3_ERR_DIMSMALL not found.

Skills: .net

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