Media Solutions and Print Store Front Webpage

Media Solutions and Print Store Front Webpage


Job Description

We will require a talented yet affordable web designer/ developer for this project. The person whom will work on this project will also be paid annually for maintenance of the website. There will also be a great oppertunity to pick up several additional projects per year unrelated to this matter.

To sum it up, what we need is a print and business development services online store front website completed over the next 3 to 4 weeks. We plan to launch September 3rd and expect full functionality and all tweeking to be complete by then.


Experience with SSL, Online Checkouts, Pay Pal, and building online calculators.

Must be fluent in English and be willing to Skype to communicate throughout the project

Must be willing to provide sample kits for all print, products on the website

Must be a reliable, hard working, and experienced person looking to take on this task with potential for an ongoing work relationship

General Details:

The website will have approximately 25-30 pages
The archive will have up to 50 items, but may start at approximately 30
The project will require print and merchandise sample kits
The website must be up to date with code, and ensure full functionality
The website will require a main page with a drop down menu
A code for product calculator options will have to be integrated for instant quotes
The main menu will have drop down options
A 24/7 Online Chat or support will be required
Must have member log in capabilities
Links to downloadable price listing will have to be accessible
Shipping and Payment options through pay pal or third parties will have to be integrated

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