A Social Networking Contest Site

A Social Networking Contest Site


Job Description

I am looking for someone to create a contest socialnetworking site using Socialengine for a non-profit.

Any past contest site work is an added advantage.

Please send me your resume and cover letter along with samples of your work. In the cover letter, please include: If you have done a contest site using socialengine, PHP and add to your sample work.

Only Individuals/ Firms that have proven well designed and implemented SocialEngine site need to apply. I need to see great well designed sites and templates.

1. Must know PHP, Socialengine, very well and how to apply it to this project. 2. Your relevant experience in any “contest’ site built.
3. Your proficiency with English is a must.

We are a non-profit foundation creating awareness on mental health and brain health globally. We want to use a contest site to engage people globally! Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental and brain health diseases are in a raise let us find solution together that is the message.

Job Description

We are looking for an experience programmer / developer in building a contest site with socialengine with great professional themes and plugins. The position will entail:

1. Contest socialnetworking site development from PSD.
2. Plugin selection or modification or even developing new ones.
3. Ability to set up hosting accounts, point name servers, and load Socialengine.
4. Need to select or develop a theme, and add contest promoting pages to the site.
5. Need some one with a very very keen sense of design communication and user interface.

There will be a web-portal which provides a means for contestants to submit their entries based upon the location as to determine the types of prizes to be awarded.

2. There will be 3 types of media submission
a. Digital design - post card size
b. Photography - a picture with a title and story ( max 750 words)
c. 1min video. Using iPhone or iPad - Youtube format

Within the 3 types of forms of media, convey one, or multiple of the following points:
Need: Why do I and/or our society needs to be mentally healthy?
Solutions: A solution for mental health, mental excellence, or brain health. Impact: Express the facts about the mind, brain, or both ( Express both statistical - regional/ global or verifiable “do you know” facts based upon the scientific method )
Humor: Illustrate the perspective of the mind and/ or brain in a humorous context.
Inspiration: Evoke a positive outcome in the journey towards mental and brain health.

4. Finale winner will be selected based on the highest number of “likes” through social media by members, and the advisory board. The contest will be held yearly. The first results will be on the 24th of August, 2013 Registration is Free 1 like of advisory board member = 1000 likes of general member. Time Zone: PST Vancouver

We want someone who’s skilled and can take responsibility quickly. In addition, we’re seeking:

This is a global campaign. Only proven professionals with track record with sample sites done need to apply!

Skills: english, design