Looking for an experienced web extractor or scraper

Looking for an experienced web extractor or scraper


Job Description

Let me tell you what I am looking for.

I own a wedding business and looking to expand by adding vendor contact emails to our database. I want to scrape from this site, http://www.weddingwire.com/

If you go to this site and then have the program search through all vendor categories i.e., caterers, flowers, ceremony locations, djs, bridal fasion etc. I am looking to get the emails for all the vendors on that site in all zip codes in the United States. For instance if you click on Alabama or Florida and a list of vendor categories will pop up. You would have to go through each category within the states and zip codes. I think when the vendor list pops up the vendor actually has a link directly to their website and they do not provide their email on http://www.weddingwire.com/. So you would have to tell the program to go to their sites and look for their contact emails. Think this is possible?

Just a list of the contact emails for each vendor from each category from each zip code through out the United States. Sounds like a lot but i am sure the with all the extracting and scraping software out there, I am sure this could be set to run on its own after tweaking the program.

Again not all have contact emails on their sites, but you have to go to the actual vendors site to get it.

Some how it will need to extract the URL then it needs to go to each vendors site and search out their contact email and extract it.

And i know many sites will have contact us forms instead of email addresses. Thats just how it goes and i realize that. But for sites that do have emails, I would like the program to extract them in some kind of spread sheet, like: paul@cateringco.com, vicky@bridalboutique.com

I am sure there will be quite a few that would have addresses like that.

Will have to prove to me you can get what I want. Only will pay half for half of the emails. Must show me you are capable!