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We're going to launch a new company later this year and need a website built. When designing the site think of eBay or craigslist, DoYouSwap? is a site where people will buy, sell and trade stuff. It will be free to list items, buy, sell and trade. There will be premium services as well, we have most of this outlined already. All programming will need to be compatible with mobile apps well. Once we decide on a contractor or company we will issue more documents. You must be comfortable with Twitter Bootstrap platform, we will require you to use a template which we have purchased. Our site mus remain responsive for use with all screen resolutions. We will require a database to keep track of users, items, categories, etc. Our site must be universal and give users the option of creating an account with Facebook, Gmail, MS Live, Twitter or a direct account with our company.

Read below from our internal developer.
Technologies for Web and Application Development:

Microsoft Stack:

Visual Studio 2012 Premium or Ultimate = This is core to development in Microsoft stack. Life will be awesome
Nuget = Core part of using Visual Studio and should be a must when implementing code.

ASP.NET MVC 4 = HTML + C# + JavaScript (Presentation Logic/Renderign) - use Twitter Bootstrap or HTML5 BoilerPlate for Desktop/Table and jQueryMobile for Phone Web Site.

MVC Web Api 4 (highly suggest to use with BreezeJS or OData Framework ) = This framework is used to build your Data Access Layer over the Web - supports Querying Data from Client and submitting changes (in an ATOMIC Transaction - meaning all is saved or nothing is saved incase error happens). The Web Api is important for exposing functionality to other UI/Devices. Most developers will only build code for your Web Site and you will not be able to re-use anything if they start building Native Apps on Devices.

Azure Web Sites, Azure Sql Database/Blob Storage Azure Active Directory = Web Site & Database Hosting + management of Identity Providers (Facebook, Gmail, Windows Live, Twitter, etc.) - commonly referred to as OAuth and OpenID (these are what allows Authentication with them, plus allows you to "post" or perform actions to their Accounts from your App).

NOTE: Blob storage should be used for storing raw Images, Videos, etc., whereas SQL Server (relational DB should be used to store relational Data)

For other platforms, it's the same: But most important is Web Api and Identity Providers.

Skills: ebay, twitter, mvc, management, facebook, gmail, dhtml

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