WordPress Membership Site using WPMUDEV

WordPress Membership Site using WPMUDEV


Job Description

We need someone who is well-versed in WordPress, membership sites, and WPMUDEV - along with integrating with our InfusionSoft system.

There are a few main issues we need resolved ASAP:

- Posts and pages to be restricted according to membership levels (we have 3 levels: free, Introductory (a 3-month trial membership), and full)

- Create a request for proposal system that automatically posts to full and introductory members, with a teaser to free members (just a partial view of the RFP without potential client contact details)

- Have our paid recruitment service go through our InfusionSoft account and notify us (2 co-founders) privately.

- New member registration that interfaces with our InfusionSoft account

- Directory fixed - members can create and update their own directory listings, including images.

We have worked with 3 different developers who have not delivered what they promised on this project and we are frustrated and 3 months behind schedule in launching our association.

Initially, we need someone to go through the back-end of the site, knowing our goals, and tell us what needs to be completed and/or fixed to make everything work as desired, and then provide us with a quote for completing the work.