Need experienced Product Launch Manager (ecommerce store)

Need experienced Product Launch Manager (ecommerce store)


Job Description

Need experienced product/project manager to launch an ecommerce store:

- must have experiences working with online marketing and social media people
- use trello
- manage delivery team
- create process documentation

- please provide examples of your work
- please provide refernece of your work

[your ability] - perfect manner, perfect english, quick response
[extra ability] - assign task list, assign the tasks to online marketing people and finish the website, and create marketing plan
[your duty] - organise team, manage team

No coding is needed or required for this job position.

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Tell me more about yourself
1) your education, your degree
2) the rate you need
3) your job history
4) your email so I can invite you to skill test.

This is a serious job posting, I hope you will take it seriously

Skills: english, marketing