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shopify developer


Job Description

Looking for a shopify developer to help setup and create a store for our company. The company is a franchise that sells space in the shops to entrepreneurs. Each client rents a space based on a daily price. they could have more than 1 space and they could also have have spaces in multiple stores.

The store also needs to talk to xero accounting but you can help setup and addon for that and it also needs to be able to produce reports which can discuss if your interested.

possible addons you may want to consider with the solution are

If your interested in this let me know and we can discuss the spec further.

We had someone start developing a system and its close to what we want but we prefer cloud based service that looks better is more simple but to give you and idea you can watch this video ( about 10 minutes) and you can see the bulk of what we need in it. (its a 17mb download so I couldnt upload to odesk)

Could you also estimate the hours and also estimate a fixed cost in your bid as I think the buyer would prefer it so I might change this project to a fixed cost but wasnt sure of the budget so made it hourly. If hourly maybe it can be fixed hours?

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