Job Description

memoreel is a crowd sourcing marketplace for photographers to upload images to be edited by bidding photo retouchers. Basically it's an Elance or Odesk primarily for photo retouching. We have been developing this project all year with another freelancer, unfortunately he was unable to finish and the project and is hanging at about 70% completion. The site was built originally using a Pinterest board script called Pintastic.

Still outstanding tasks:

Outstanding Tasks:
- The ability for a photo retoucher to bid on a photographers "photo job"
- Download the image to be edited, and upload back to folder with automatic
filename change to avoid overwrite
- Approval by photographer to retoucher releases the image, and pays the
retoucher via paypal.
- Limit the amount of storage provided to a Free account vs. a Paid account
- Display how much storage is used, and how much is left
- Limit the type of images uploaded, but allow Pro users to upload all file types
in highest quality (size)
- Show EXIF photo information when photo is uploaded
- Show Date when photo is uploaded
- Allow limitations for free users when creating "photo jobs" for bidding retouchers
- Import my new CSS/HTML Web design into new website -- I will provide all pages/wireframes once choosing developer.
- Photographers can review retouchers profiles once bid is made
- Show CSS notifications upon bids received, messages in inbox, or system updates
- Photographers can rate, add reviews after a completed or canceled job
- Some additional minor tweaks here and there, fix bugs when uploading, importing from social media
- Export image from site to social media, to print, or desktop
- Option for retouchers to choose "volunteer' when bidding for $0 dollars

We're in need of a back-end developer to be able to work with the existing code, and develop the outstanding tasks to finish this project. We are very adamant about working with an individual or agency that stays on budget/milestones, meet deadlines, and is communicative with progress, we will not work with individuals who have no prior portfolio samples to show their work. This project was originally set to launch for Sept 1st, so our deadline is a bit in a rush so only apply if you have time to work on this project right now.

Whomever we choose to work with will have to sign an NDA before seeing the source code. We will ignore all requests if you its a generic copy and paste saying you can do the work without reading my needs.

Please feel free to ask questions, thank you. We can do Hourly rate, or Fixed Rate based on your specifications. If we do hourly you will have provide a rough estimation of total # of hours before I sign off on contract.