Finish Software C++ language EXPERT

Finish Software C++ language EXPERT


Job Description

I have a program that has been 80% to 90% finished...but now needs to be completed.
At present there is 7 catorogies of headings ( eg Confidence / Self Image etc )
but there needs to be 20 headings which I have...under those headings there is
between 13 and 20 approx "affirmations " ( eg " I get more confident every day " )
I also have this copy ..these need to be added in along with some other

1) In settings default to 80 msec ( Display Duration)

2) In settings default to 2 sec ( display interval )

3) Message order default Random

4) Message Location default Randomly on Screen

5) Ability to insert images downloaded from Google
inbetween whatever affirmation the client want to put them between

6) email-link (for personalized affirmations and enquiries contact...):

7) About - FAQ: i wil send copy

8) "message order" doesn’t seem to move very well
- it moves, but perhaps the length of slider is too much to drag
- I think it'd be better to - provide radio-buttons for options with only 2 choices

I have all the files. see attachment to see program working

This is most the job...maybe a few tweeks as we go along.

I need this done quickly and need someone VERY reliable and very good
english and reasonable price....please quote on the above. Budget was an estimate and looking for good price.

After this is all done I will need an abilility to have the program downloaded from
my site with a free 10 day trial then they need to pay for the program or it
will expire....if you can do this we can talk about that as a seperate job later.

Skills: english

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