UI Design/Mockup for a Website Selling 'Research Apps'

UI Design/Mockup for a Website Selling 'Research Apps'


Job Description

I currently provide the website www.eventstudytools.com which offers research apps that suppert the academic analysis of discrete events (e.g., market shocks such as the Lehman bankruptcy).

I need a design mockup for a new website that is related to eventstudytools. Please take a look at what Adobe currently does:
1) Visualization of App-Overview: https://creative.adobe.com/plans?plan=offers&promoid=KFHQB
2) 'Details'-Page of our apps: https://creative.adobe.com/products

I would like to have a periodic table of research apps that sorts the different research apps I develop by groups (each with an own color). With eventstudytools.com being the starting point, we thus have aARC, bARC as blue elements (stock return related apps), and EDI and CATA as orange once (text analysis apps).

I will provide you with further instructions on the areas of this periodic table after we had a chat on skype.

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