JomSocial Customizer/Programmer

JomSocial Customizer/Programmer


Job Description

JomSocial expert needed to combine and integrate a number of functions, extensions, and add-ons to make a very specific niche-market, PRIVATE business/social networking exchange.

I have some example sites to reference and a list of functions and a priority of their implementation requirements...such as:

1.Private highly secure login page greeting all visitor's to the site...with sort of a squeeze or landing page. Since this site is by invitation only, I think all we need is to SEND the invitee the login info WE have set up for them in an email and then they memorize it and use it --at least initially to enter and set up their PROfile page.
2. Time-Share Points system that every contribution, and every member referral and every time they help some one with an answer to a question...the member earns a certain pre-set # of T-S Points...which in turn earns them a corresponding amount of profit sharing dividends at the end of the year. (multi-tiered Affiliate Program...5 tires...for the referrals).
3. Subscriptions or Membership management functions (see above/Affiliate Tracking inside this) so that eventually we can implement PAID memberships that are either Month-to-Month or Annual fee based business model.
4. Analysis reports on the above subscribers...and their Affiliate Fees earned through all five tiers (on the referrals only).
5. In the PROfiles we have Primary Specialty Interests (per our table of 650 categories and sub-categories) --1 or 2 per member and then another 10 secondary specialty interests or expertise selectable. These tell us WHO to call in each metro-area of the country for those (non-members) that are looking for help and freelance professional contractors in any of the related areas that we have those specialty areas they have listed.
6.Customize my RocketThemes template (or configure it) to fit all me needs and menus / function ideas...etc.
7. Create some custom email alerts that work off people's geographic location as well as availability to WORK, or participation in certain regular sales events or meetings for additional niche-market expertise educational opportunities. (also key'd off of those specified Specialty Interests areas or Wanted-To-Buy lists)
8. Change the background imagery of my RocketThemes Affinity template.