iPhone /Android /Website

iPhone /Android /Website


Job Description

Vendor will only develop and deploy/launch mobile application Strip Tease .

The Strippers search app is aimed to cater to three different types of users, namely Strippers, Clubs and Fans. In essence the app is built to help all three get better prospects and help each one to get a better opportunity to serve or get served.
The Stripper search app will have three different UIs depending on who is using the app (stripper, club or fans) e.g. If a stripper is using the app she will be able to register with the app, indicate the clubs she appears in (club does not need to be pre-registered), upload her schedules/appointments etc.

The same scenario will be available for clubs and fans. Clubs will be able to upload different offers (after availing the relevant subscriptions) for fans and be able to serve their fans by means of first hand reviews. The club side of the app will be subscription based where club owners can view reviews left by fans after making a one time or recurring payment.

Similarly the fan side of the application will allow users to search for specific strippers or club wise etc, add ratings, leave reviews, view the club schedule, view the stripper’s appointment list and last (but not the least) be able to book strippers. It should be noted here that fans will only be able to leave reviews and comments for strippers they have booked using the app. If the user has not paid for the stripper or the club’s time, they will not be allowed to leave a review, rating or any form of comment.

Note :We will provide wireframes which gives rough sketch of the user interfaces of the project, therefore actual screens might slightly differ from them.

Skills: android-sdk