Node.js REST API backend

Node.js REST API backend


Job Description

Javascript geek needed for proof of concept (POC) web site for simple inventory/catalog system relying on a node.js provided REST API.

The job will be broken into two portions and is dependent on POC success.
The first part is the REST API backend. The second portion would utilize AngularJS/jQuery/Bootstrap/d3.js.

This job is for the first backend portion only. API has been documented and partially implemented.

Applicant will need to:
Provision API to be accessible via HTTPS
Authenticated by everyauth/passport type system
Implement API to support json, xml and html output
Be able to perform CRUD operations as defined in to be provided API
Create mocha tests and CURL test scripts
Provide a code repository of source code, tests and documentation

More details will be provided upon acceptance..

Expertise in the following backend technologies is required:

Familiarity with the following is ideal:
Trac and Mercurial (git is ok)
TDD testing and frameworks (mocha)
Coffeescript (Literate Coffeescript/Markdown is a plus)