Custom PHP, MySQL online order processing system

Custom PHP, MySQL online order processing system


Job Description

This job posing is ONLY for:
- Russian speaking candidates
- Individuals only (no agencies)
- you should be available for meeting on Skype and/or telephone during 9am to 4pm (pacific time); US-based employer.
- as completion of this project is highly time sensitive, only candidates with twitter bootstrap, html5, css, javascript, and ajax experience are sought.

Project summary:
We are hiring a russian speaking PHP web developer with extensive experience in MySQL database design and development.
Our project entails designing, architecting and optimizing a custom order processing system for use for company customers and employees.
We need to create a responsive, interactive, and visually engaging web site with simple and flexible HTML, CSS and JavaScript - all built on Twitter Bootstrap.

Industry: International order fulfillment services.

Present situation
Currently we handle everything manually in spreadsheets and it has become a time expensive task for our company and customers therefore we want to create an online tool that will allow our staff and our customers to view and handle everything online.

High-level functionality of the system
(summarized description only, more details in a Project Description provided to the selected candidates)

- Multiple user level access (Administrator, Manager, Shipper, Customer/Verified Customer, etc.)

- Multilingual interface for customers (ability to switch between two or more languages; option to add new languages using separate language files)

- Customers can create their own account (incl. integration with social networks login (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.), create new orders and shipments, see and manage the complete list of their orders and shipments; add payments to the account (manually and via online payment gateways as PayPal, Google Wallet, WebMoney) and distribute such payments among orders/shipments.

- Staff depending on the access level will be able to create and manage orders and shipments (using various filters based on the status, date, customer, etc.), manage payments and credits, assign security level to a customer (based on the verification procedure), create/print shipping labels and declarations (incl. integration with API), generate reports. Generate pick lists, invoices, upload files.

- Will send automatic emails to the customers and staff (based on customer requirements, defined rules and templates)

- Track user access (e.g. who logged in, when they logged in, which changes were made by each user)

Additional comments:
- the system should be web based, in order to allow concurrent and worldwide access;
- we need the system to be very simple to use and very intuitive;
- code needs to be written cleanly and professional (and well commented)
- should pass tests for cross-browser compatibility;
- it should be a highly secure and hack-proof system.
- we will own all copyright the developed software (also means that the author is not allowed to sell this code to any other party;
- we will need to receive all the source code of this software.

Candidate requirements
The successful developer will be required to commit to the following, if successful in bidding for this project:
- Commit to providing daily written status reports, indicating progress achieved, upcoming milestone, issues / risks
- Commit to maintaining development version of the product that we can monitor and access regularly to perform our own walk throughs and inspections as required
- Commit to conducting a status call/chat once every 2 days so that we have some time to discuss progress, change requirements, etc
- Be available for meeting on Skype and / or telephone during 9am to 4pm (pacific time)
- 3 months (90 days) of warranty to address any defects;
- Russian-speaking ability is required.

Application process:
1. Please read carefully the job description and the requirements. If there is something you don't agree, don't apply.

2. Download the attached PDF file with the test task (text in Russian) and reply with the test results.

3. Attach to your email:
- a resume
- a list of recently completed projects on PHP and Twitter Bootstrap.
- your schedule and availability description for the next 2-3 months (duration of the project): indicate how many hours a week you would be able to dedicate to the project, your time zone and your availability for the routine discussions (note the time difference).

4. Based on the review of above information (test results + resume + experience + availability schedule) selected candidates will get a detailed project description

5. Based on the given description (and additional comments if needed), you would need to submit a proposal for the building and implementation of the system (incl. time of development and implementation, cost and terms of payment, cost of supporting the system once it is ready; cost of changes/additions).

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