Responsive Landing Pages

Responsive Landing Pages


Job Description

Please take a look at the attached 3 landing page layouts.

We need a quote on coding these landing page designs into responsive css and PHP files to create a mini website. We'd like to do this in a way where we can quickly change the CSS to match any current or new client's website/brand. We'd like to be able to easily change backgrounds and fonts... and interchange images to make each unique to the client. And if possible, we'd like to be able to remove certain elements and everything sort of "puzzles" together to fit without the removed element.

Our plan is to use these as a "package" of landing pages to upload to the clients domain when we startup a new PPC account. We plan to link these pages together and basically make a mini-site for PPC.

Must be:
-Easily editable in CSS

Please give examples of other responsive projects you have worked on.

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