Create a Zend quizz

Create a Zend quizz


Job Description


We are looking for an expert in Zend to create a 20 questions recruitment quizz about Zend for our developers recruitment platform This project is NOT a development project. It is a "recruitment" project to invent good questions to be asked to candidates (through an online quizz) who say they are skilled in Zend.

We are looking for somebody who :
- Can step back a lot on Zend (have a global view of the technology)
- Can invent and create 20 quizz questions from easy ones to hard ones.
- Is very rigourous and a good team player to create the quizz.
- Can follow JobProd and still work with us in the months following V1 of the quizz.
- Smily and passionnate.

Do you want to work on that kind of project ? (and know more about it ?). Please answer by adding "human" at the beginning of your message.