Mobile App Making - first of a "How-to" blog series.

Mobile App Making - first of a "How-to" blog series.


Job Description

We are - a creative, dynamic and ambitious startup from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) launching a new website/product in mid-October 2013.
We deliver an easy-to-use, creative and affordable mobile app creator allowing everyday consumers to make their app idea/mobile website or portfolio a reality.
The new product will take this concept further and make it accessible to even more "everyday" consumers.

Along the launch we would like to produce a series of "how-to" blog/social media (Facebook/Twitter) posts helping new users learn about what is important in the app making/promotion process and emphasise the benefits of having an app.
Your job would be to write the first post (about 350-500 words) of the series and if we like it, there is a strong possibility for more work together :)

The style we are looking for:
- Easy, appealing to every type of reader (we are not not only targeting " tech geeks")
- Fun (it should flow nicely and make you curious to continue reading)
- A subtle call-to-action should be included (we are leaving the creative part up to you)
- Including SEO, tags and keywords for "app making", "mobile app creator" etc.

Are you up for the challenge?
Send in your portfolio samples and how you would approach the above task.

We are excited to hear from you!

The Layergloss Team