Online Ordering plus Mobile Ordering App integrated with POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Restaurants and Takeaways

Online Ordering plus Mobile Ordering App integrated with POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Restaurants and Takeaways


Job Description

We are looking for one or more developers who can work with us on a complete solution that integrates an epos system with an online ordering ecommerce website. At the moment we provide web design and online marketing services to our clients, and we would like to add this new solution to our services as well. We aim to cater this service only for restaurants and takeaways in the UK (although keeping it open to other business types would be advantageous).


WHAT WE NEED - There are four major parts to this solution to make it complete:

1. POS System.
2. Online Ordering Website.
3. Facebook Page Ordering App.
4. Mobile Ordering App.


1. POS System:

a. Software:

1. Option 1 = Open Source & Free Software (e.g. OpenERP POS, Apache OFBiz, OpenBravo, Unicenta POS).
2. Option 2 = Proprietary License - One-off purchase (e.g. QuickBooks POS, AccuPOS).
3. Option 3 = Proprietary License - Monthly fee (e.g. AirPOS, Vend).
4. Option 4 = Develop own software.

b. Hardware:

1. The screen will be touchscreen, preferably iPad or Android Tablet for the sake of moving with modern day technology and the fact that it just looks good. However, the main thing is that the system must function exceptionally well, with minimum problems with downtime/hardware issues, if that cannot be achieved using tablet devices then a traditional screen is fine.
2. Of course the rest of the usual hardware must work: Printer, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner, Card Payment Terminal, etc.

2. Online Ordering Website:

a. Option 1 = Open Source & Free eCommerce Software (Wordpress Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop).
b. Option 2 = Proprietary Cloud Based eCommerce Software (e.g. Shopify, Magento Go) - Monthly fee.
c. Option 3 = Proprietary Cloud Based eCommerce Webstore with POS integrated (AirPOS) - Monthly fee.

3. Facebook Page Ordering App:

* We haven't done this before ourselves but have seen it done.
* I'm assuming it's done quite easily using an iframe in a facebook page tab app to show the restaurants website which should ideally be responsive.
* We can discuss this further later.

4. Mobile Ordering App:

1. Initially we need to develop an app for iOS and Android. Depending on need, we may want to develop the same app for Windows Phone and Blackberry.
2. Of course, this app will integrate to the same database as the ecommerce website and epos system.


So that is the overview of the complete solution we are after. We can discuss the specifics of each component with shortlisted applicants, so we can figure out the best solution and costs involved. Although if you can provide rough estimate costs for each component that would be great.

The solution must be modular, meaning that each component should have the ability to work separately as well as together. For example, one restaurant might only want the online ordering feature on their website, while another restaurant might only want the epos system inside their restaurant. Although our intention is to provide the whole solution to our clients.

NOTE: Please only apply if you have experience in dealing with these things. We don't expect one person to be an expert with all of the things mentioned, so we will be willing to hire multiple people who specialise in each component if necessary. We will need to see examples of your related work. And please start your application covering letter message with the following code so that i know you read the whole description. Code is "I8MPOSOOFM".

If there is any confusion or questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thanks.

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