WANTED! Fulltime direct-response marketing assistant

WANTED! Fulltime direct-response marketing assistant


Job Description


This is a real position for established internet marketer who needs
tactical support in the following areas:

Customer care - issuing refunds, phone support...

Web stuff - uploading new pages, installing scripts in them, etc.

Tracking and analytics - analyzing conversions, visitor sources, and monitoring costs, etc.

Web programming - basic .php/.html knowledge is a big plus so you can edit the script and make it working without having to outsource.

Organizing - both my time and when we need something - find us
professionals who can do it.

Direct response copywriting - just basics - email communication with
customers, writing good content (not BS articles, but instead really helpful stuff. We don't write it too often, but when we do it has to rock their worlds with quality)

Starting salary $1,000 a month. Goes up with the performance.

If you want to apply, please message me with your skype, short (informal) resume and for one sample task, find me 5 voice-over guys that are over 50, ask them for a quote to read 30 minute script, and send me everything in one message.

Best wishes,