Academy of courses new Web, great opportunity, no design needed

Academy of courses new Web, great opportunity, no design needed


Job Description

Hi, we are re-posting this fantastic project because of the interest of people and because we have now simplified it a lot, we have done ourselves all the designs so we are posting new specs, this is a great opportunity for your team

It is a project to build the website for our academy of media courses.
The academy gives many courses about filmmaking, photography, postproduction etc
and this will be its new website. This job will give you reputation and visibility.

These are official final specs

1) We have now done all the design ourselves and we have all pages of new website ready in images for you, so No Design work needed. You only need to pass the images to html5/css3

2) No Login/Register needed. Users of website don’t register neither login so you don’t need any login/register functionality for users

3) We want elegant, clean and light code to create a great solution.
We want to have
* PHP + mysql for backend
* html5+javascript for front end

4) You can use frameworks to help development as long as they are very light and not bloated and very recent (nothing old) , acceptable frameworks or plugins are
- Twitter bootstrap
- backbone.js
- jquery

Wordpress is a possibility but it may be too bloated or it may be hard to adapt it to the requirements.
Also, no use of old plugins and no use of flash anywhere
If you have your own clean, tidy framework that is clean and no bloated you may propose to use that.

5) Code should protect against SQL injection and similar problems.
6) Website needs to work with the latest versions of browsers only, we don't need to support IE6 and IE7 and IE8, no need to support them.
You only need to support
* IE 9 and 10
* latest chrome, firefox, safari and opera versions

7) 1 month is ideal to do this project, we can give up to 1.5 months if needed but i believe it can be done nicely in 1 month, let us know your opinion

8) Website should be SEO ready, so we want url's that are seo friendly, same for names of images and every part of website shall be seo friendly

9) MOST IMPORTANT of all. Academy director needs to be able to change all parts of website from a control panel. So control panel should allow academy director to change texts, images and any other parameter of the website, as well as the seo url's , seo names, etc
Every single part of website can be changed from control panel. This is most important requirement

10) Website should be responsive, should work equally well on
ipad or tablets
iphone or smartphone

Now i explain what are the areas of the website.
Again all designs are already done. You don’t need to do design, we give you designs in images and you pass them to html5/css4.

Website is composed of

* Home Page
* Course index page to navigate courses filtering by category
* Individual course pages showing details of courses
* Payment page, where people pay for the course
* Gallery page, where we can have images or embedded youtube/vimeo videos, filtering by category on the left
* Other simple pages that are :
- contact us (text and image, simple)
- Terms and conditions (text, simple)
- Tutors (simple, pics of all tutors)
- Individual tutor page (text and image)
- Q/A (just text)
- About us (just text)
- Top clients (simple list)
- Affiliates ( a simple form to request being an affiliate)

* course index page and gallery pages will implement the typical infinite scrolling when scrolling vertically instead of the traditional pagination

* Finally there is a blog, but its already done. So you don’t need to do it, its already done in wordpress, nothing to do here, we will just link to the existing wordpress code we already have

* the individual course pages and the contact us pages will include Aweber forms, we already have aweber , its very simple, we just create and embed aweber code on the page

* The payment page includes the possibility of entering a discount/gift code. So in control panel we can create discount codes specifying amount of discount an

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