Augmented Reality App Engine ... front end and backend

Augmented Reality App Engine ... front end and backend


Job Description

Hello Guys,

Hope everyone is having a good new year. I have a new project which is basically sort of what is described in the title. I need someone, some people who are really really strong with augmented reality. You need to be good with adding interactivity to it, know how it works, know it inside out.

I need this app for iphone, ipads, android and android tabs. You also need to be really strong with graphics and manipulation when it comes to to augmented reality.

There is also a back end side of it where different images, graphics, messages etc will be sent back and forth to the devices telling them what scene to load etc. You need to be very good with databases as we need to collect info and mine it later on so you will need to highly skilled in this area. You need be very strong with backend handling as well and need to be good with your Databases, mysql, phps, html, javascripts, css, cms's etc.

Finally, I need you to be really really good with UI design and graphics. I belive in world class apps when it comes to how it looks and how it functions and you need to be strong in this area as well. You need to be a design freak.

We are looking for really high quality individuals who can show me some existing work with augmented reality. I want you to give me ideas and suggestions and recommendations. You do not have to take my word for anything. You are the expert. If you can not show me any sample, high quality work you have done, i will not bother replying because I have a lot of work to do myself and will only shortlist appropriate candidates.

I want you to have a vision for the future as well as we are looking for long term partners.

Thank You and looking forward to the responses.

You will have a 6 weeks to complete the task once we start the project although i am open to negotiate this.

Skills: graphics, design, facebook, web-services, json

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