Front-end Development using Twitter Bootstrap

Front-end Development using Twitter Bootstrap


Job Description


We are looking for a experienced front-end developer to make some complements and changes in the Twitter Bootstrap Theme we are using (

Basically, the developer will have to change the Twitter Bootstrap Theme in order to include other search, count and formula expression features.

Developer must have solid experience & demonstrable skills in:
- Solid experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
- Strong knowledge on JavaScript libraries (especially jQuery)
- Twitter Bootstrap front-end toolkit (CSS and HTML components)
- HTML (HTML5 is preferable)
- CSS (CSS3 is preferable)
- Cross-browser compatibility experience
- JavaScript

Familiarity with the following is very helpful:
- Java (Web)
- Solr
- VisualSearch (

This is a fully remote (by job) freelance position.

(This is the first job necessity of many we have on our backlog, so if the professional perform, will receive a lot of jobs and work.)

Skills: twitter, json

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