Web Application to upload, process, verify, modify and create some excel files

Web Application to upload, process, verify, modify and create some excel files


Job Description

I'm looking for a web application (java/jsp) developer who has good competence on processing of excel files using Apache POI or similar libraries.

Web application will allow authorized users to upload excel files in predefined format (4 different templates) and then;

* will verify the uploaded files based on a checklist. Checklist will contain simple logic rules such as "if column A has this value, column B cannot be greater than 10" or "column C should be a number" or "sum of values in column D cannot be greater than 1000". In total there will be around 40 controls in the check list.

* will store the data in uploaded excel in a database (mysql or postgresql).

* will verify the uploaded file by comparing it to all previously uploaded data (data store in DB) based on some checklist controls.

* will make some corrections on the excel file based on predefined rules. Number of rules will be around 10.

* will create a result report after the verification of the check list and email it to user.

Web application will also have following functionality:

* Parameter based query and reporting for the stored data in DB. (Query based on available columns). Can export data as excel file in predefined format.

* Basic user management (user/pass) for access control to the web application (including super user for new user creation, password reminders, email based verification, etc.)

* Management of reference data. Some controls will need some reference data to be used for the controls in the checklist. Example of reference data will be daily USD, EUR, etc. currency values for last year. There has to be an interface for management of reference data (addition/deletion/modification of records of reference data). There will be around 10 different types of reference data. Based on the access right, a user will be able to list, query and modify the reference data records.