iOS Mobile App Developer (Front-End)

iOS Mobile App Developer (Front-End)


Job Description

Our Budget: $4000-$6000, depending on project goals accomplished
Time Commitment: 45-60 days, assuming 30+ hrs/week.

We are looking for a Front-End Expert with 3+ years of experience, who shares our love for elegant/minimalist design.

You must be extremely professional, reliable, and responsible.

Skills/Experience Needed:
- Exceptional Objective-C portfolio, extensive knowledge of Apple SDK in Xcode
- Experience using the Apple CoreImage and Quartz libraries for image processing and animation
- Working knowledge of non-relational databases (e.g., MongoDB)
- Experience designing and using RESTful API’s
- Experience with Facebook integration and Facebook Graph API
- Wireframes have been fully developed in vector PSD as of 01/31/13

Front-End Development Goals:
- Convert art files into iOS views and elements using iOS elements and custom PNG elements made with Photoshop/Illustrator
- Add Navigation Controllers and animation functionality to visual elements such that toolbars slide, buttons navigate, left-side menu smoothly slides in and out, pages snap into place (one page view, not continuous scrolling)
- Some custom animations
- Content display – text, image, video, and podcast loading and manipulation to fit in view (potential resizing, cropping, letterboxing of images as needed)
- A system for fast, preemptive, asynchronous communication with the back-end server to retrieve articles, images, and other content without disturbing the user interface
- Ability to login via social networks, or create an application account with email

Candidate Qualities
- You care about clean, simple, and beautiful UI and UX – you want users to fall in love with the experience
- You write clean, elegant, documented, and maintainable code
- You take deadlines very seriously, and you deliver tested and finished projects on-time
- Your Feedback Score should be 4+ Stars
- Ideally, you have several hundred hours of experience posted

Please provide a portfolio link, and links to your applications in the App Store.

Skills: video, leadership, design, facebook