Expert Science Writer Needed!

Expert Science Writer Needed!


Job Description

We are looking for a professional science writer who has an in-depth knowledge of the sciences specifically in biology, molecular and cell biology, physics, and chemistry. The more subjects you know the better! At the moment there is an urgent need of someone for the first 2 topics listed. Writers who have mediocre knowledge of the subjects, but they have strong English writing/editing skills are still encouraged to apply, as there will be science resources available. The rate is paid per 100 words only.

What you will be doing: Each week you will need to write anywhere from 3500-5000 words on selected science topics. You can write 5000+ words, so just remember that the more you write, the more you can earn! If you don't know the topics well, resources in the form of an ebook or articles will be provided to you. You will need to read and thoroughly summarize the reading. You can use your own knowledge if you'd like. That is all that's required of this job!


1) B.S./B.A, Master's, PhD or the equivalent from a college/university
2) Be able to break down something complex into clear, concise writing that's error free grammar. Science facts are correct.
3) You need to be a self-editor of your work, hence good quality is expected
4) Be able to research science articles (if needed rarely) well and extrapolate the information in your own words. No plagiarism. The writing has to pass Copyscape and reference sources need to be cited correctly.
5) Good communication (i.e. prompt response, meet deadlines, etc.)
6) 1-3 samples of you work
7) Answer two questions: Why do you think you are best fit for this job? What is your preferred rate per 100 words?

1) Learn science as you read and write and improve both skills.
3) Potential long-term hire for other projects including article writing, SEO writing, content writing, etc.

Skills: science, physics, english, research